The Lion King

Last Weekend I went to Sydney’s Centrol Theater where I watched The Lion King with my Mum, Nan, Auntie and Cousin. It took us 2 hours and 10 minutes to get down to Sydney on the train. It was an amazing experience and I would go and see it many more times. I loved the way they set out the whole play and all of the special features and effects.



I would totally rate this 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let It Go on Guitar

Capo on 1st fret

Chords you need are:

The chords that are on the left are required but the ones on the right are optional.

Elsa singing let it go

Elsa singing let it go




This is my rainbow loom hamster which I made a couple of weeks ago and I got it from tutorials by a. You can make it on the rainbow loom if you don’t have a monster tail. It doesn’t take very long at all and is very cute when it is finished!

Outdoor Education

On Monday the 11th of August, 2014, we went to Outdoor Ed at Morisset. We had an amazing experience that we probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to do again. Our instructor was Chris who had an amazing english accent. The first activity that we did was the giant swing which was 12 meters of the ground!!!! It was terrifying and challenging but it was really amazing. When it was my turn I went to the top and when I pulled the cord, I tried to scream but I just couldn’t get the courage to!!!

This is what the giant swing looked like:

Giant Swing


Next was the flying fox, paired up with my friend Caitlyn, we walked up the tower to get hooked on. As Chris connected us to the ropes it pulled us up. When he opened the gate I nearly flew down the wire but I quickly saved myself! When Chris said we could go we raced each other down the flying fox but Caitlyn won. When we got off the flying fox we had to run the ropes back up a really steep hill. It was so tiring!!!

This is the flying fox:

Flying Fox


We did canoeing and I was paired up with Amber and Samantha. We were an amazing team just strolling up the creek. It wasn’t supposed to be a race but we raced against a group of boys who kept wetting us and bumping into us. It was so fun and my arms were so sore after it because then we had to pull the canoe back up a hill.

Here are the canoes:



We did many more activities but it would just take way to long to write them all down.We had so much fun and we would love to go there again! If you get the chance to go there don’t second guess it because it is amazing.

Outdoor Ed